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Ja'Bowen is a performance and visual artist based out of Chicago, Il.Since the age of six Ja'Bowen has been training  and performing in the art forms of tap dance, acting, music, writing, and design.He is most notably known as one of the founding members of the world-renowned tap dance company M.A.D.D. Rhythms. As a tap dancer, he has performed at venues all across the United States, events and projects such as halftime for the Chicago Bulls, featured roles in major motion picture films, national and international television spots and more. Currently, Ja'Bowen is working on his latest project entitled "Potential Energy" in which he incorporates tap, acting/spoken word, and original music production.

As Ja'Bowen takes his many years of training and experience and expands beyond just tap dance, and back into other art forms, he is poised to parlay his already successful career as a tap dancer into even bigger success as an interdisciplinary artist.

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