The thing all dancers need but didn't know

As dancers how often do we have back pains? Upper back pains, lower back pains, "my neck and my back" pains, we put our bodies through so much that the daily additions of gravity and lifting heavy things can often leave us feeling a little "smushed". That smushed feeling is actually a feeling of compression in our spines, and that compression causing the spinal discs in between each vertebrae to flatten and/or bulge out, which can push on the nerves closest to the bulge and trigger whole whole slew of other pains such a sciatica. Inversion tables allow you to easily strap in and secure your feet to turn your body upside down by various degrees. Allowing your body to hang upside down allows gravity to naturally and gently pull on and decompress the spine.

Plus if Marvel ever needs a stand-in for the next Spiderman movie, you'll already be used to "hanging around", <--- you see what I did there?

Here is one of the best inversion tables we have found on the market in terms of quality and value.

Click photo for more information

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